Weekly news bulletin

The Supreme Court concluded this week that the court does have a role in determining the limits of the Prime Minister’s prorogation power and that Boris Johnson broke the law in advising the monarch to prorogue parliament. The prorogation was therefore rendered “null and of no effect,” meaning parliament reconvened this week.

The Labour Party Conference ended early in Brighton after some bold policy announcements from John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn.

World leaders met at the United Nations General Assembly this week with both Donald Trump and Boris Johnson giving prominent speeches. This Guardian briefing explains what the General Assembly is and what its role is in the world.

Meanwhile, in the US, Democrats have formally launched an impeachment investigation against President Trump after a whistle blower alleged that Trump asked the Ukrainian president to launch an investigation into the son of Democratic front-runner and former Vice President, Joe Biden. 

Finally, it is worth watching both parts of the BBC series The Cameron Years on BBC iPlayer.